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Join the first challenge to learn how to kickstart collaborations.

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Use your kiteboard as advertising space to promote businesses.

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The Journey...

A lot of you have been inspired to live the kite lifestyle but there is little to no guidance on how to make it work. Some of you have contacted sponsors before but without much success, and I know why, that’s because you’re looking in the wrong places. 


A brand from within the industry isn’t going to collaborate with you. Whether you’re big or small, their team is full. Some of you know cool companies and brands who you would love to support but haven’t really made it happen, and now you end up paying for your gear yourself again.


After making many successful partnerships happen I have identified the strategy and tactics that work best to kickstart collaborations. Are you interested in solid collaborations? Here’s one way, start small and learn.


The challenge is to find funding for your own custom kiteboard.


In the free training videos I will explain step-by-step how you can achieve this in no time.


From the first 100 riders to complete the challenge I will choose 10 LEN10 Team Riders who will  receive the LEN10 Team Rider Box (valued at 499,- Euros) full of epic goodies and an online coaching session to help you grow further.


What I will share

How to kickstart your first collaborations?

Free training videos to guide you

In the free training videos I will share how I have been making collaborations work for myself and guide you step-by-step how you can start using the same strategy. 

Your own profile page for collaborations

How easy would it be to have your very own profile page to kickstart your first collaborations? Once your profile is set, it’s time to spread the word.

Your new custom kiteboard

Now you can offer different advertising packages to cool companies to collaborate with and organise a photoshoot to create beautiful photos.

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Saturday January 16th at 6PM (CET)

Live Q & A with Ruben Lenten (IG Live)

I am looking forward to connect with you to support you further. We will cover:

The Modules

Welcome to the LEN10 Team Rider Challenge.

Phase 1: Get started

Welcome video
Step 1: What are your assets?
Step 2: Turn your assets into opportunities
Step 3: Submit your campaign

Phase 2: Kickstart your first collaborations

Step 4: Who do you know?
Step 5: Communication plan
Step 6: Seal the deal

Phase 3: Become a LEN10 Team Rider

Step 7: Order your custom board
Step 8: Hire a photographer
Step 9: GIVEAWAYS! 10x LEN10 Team Rider Box
Step 10: What's next for #teamlen10?

My Partners

“A worthy relationship is an agreement that challenges and supports both participants.”

― Joseph Rain

Your journey starts now

Learn how to become a sponsored rider on January 10th

What are your kite ambitions?

Learn how to become a sponsored rider on January 10th